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Vaccine Injury Program to Increase Public Outreach

Those who suffer vaccine-related injuries are eligible for financial compensation from the federal government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. But not everyone who has been harmed by a vaccine knows about this multibillion-dollar fund. Several federal agencies are trying to change that. Starting next year, the Health Resources and Services Administration — which analyzes claims filed … Continue reading

Government Awards New Contract to Analyze Side Effects from Vaccines

The federal government recently took steps to ensure the continued monitoring of vaccine side effects. The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have awarded an $18 million contract to SRA International Inc. — an information technology consulting firm — to support the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. VAERS is … Continue reading

New Meningitis B Vaccine Carries Familiar Side Effects

Parents with kids in college now have one more thing to worry about: meningitis. In September of this year, a Georgetown University student died from serogroup B Meningococcal disease — better known as meningitis B. Last month, health officials confirmed that a San Diego State University freshman was killed by the same strain. Outbreaks at … Continue reading

Medical Community Gathers in Orlando to Discuss Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome and other Autoimmune Diseases

Recently, doctors, patients, and physicians from around the world gathered in Orlando, Florida, to share knowledge about two debilitating diseases — Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome (GBS) and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). GBS and CIPD are very rare autoimmune diseases. In ever rarer cases GBS may result following a vaccination. GBS is an autoimmune disease, wherein the … Continue reading

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